SIGNATURE Hand-Held Knife Sharpener


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Keep your knives in optimal condition with the Signature Hand-Held Knife Sharpener. Featuring an advanced ceramic wheel, and a solid plastic handle with weighted non-slip base, this hand-held knife sharpener is the quickest and easiest way to sharpen your kitchen knives.
Designed for use with the Signature range of kitchen knives but can also be used to maintain and sharpen other kitchen knives.

Replacement wheels are available as a set of two.

Hand wash recommended. Dishwasher safe.
A handheld sharpener from the award-winning Signature range, designed specifically to maintain the 15 degree blade edge of Signature Knives. Featuring an advanced ceramic wheel and clear plastic guard to protect the ceramic wheel. Add water to the barrel before gliding the knife through from tip to base 6 times for easy, effective sharpening.

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