Today the effects of climate change are very high on the public agenda, and with this in mind Robert Welch as a company is committed to remaining sustainable and conscious of the environment in everything it undertakes.

Using sustainable materials that inspire creativity

From cutlery to kitchen accessories and everything in between, Robert Welch has worked with suppliers for decades to ensure sustainability is always a priority. With the majority of products made from stainless steel (a recycled material itself which is also fully recyclable), Robert Welch has in fact been sustainable for many years. Not only does stainless steel as a material give flexibility to its designers, it also enables them to create new and innovative products. An extremely versatile material, stainless steel is easy to work with, is not harmful during its production or when in use. It is also a very hard wearing material which is effortless to clean and easily recycled - a process which can be carried on indefinitely. It’s worth noting that according to, approximately 80% of this material currently in use is estimated to be recycled!

Greener packaging

Other than the products themselves, Robert Welch has also been ensuring other areas of the business are more sustainable including revamping product packaging. Replacing board within the boxes with a fully recyclable material as well as investigating greener alternatives to the inner plastic tray.

Environmental Concerns and our Buildings

Whilst Robert Welch continues to operate from the original studio that Robert himself started the business in all those years ago, the recently completed business hub known as The Radford Building has been built to include a number of sustainable features such as a geothermal heat pump for low carbon heating. Furthermore, the building and surrounding grounds have been designed to catch rainwater, which feeds into a specially planted pond and nature reserve created to attract and protect local wildlife. The significant size of the climate change issue requires everyone to take action together. Robert Welch are proud of their legacy and plan to continually focus on environmental concerns and on taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst encouraging others to do the same.