Caring for your Robert Welch Signature knives


Much care is taken when designing and manufacturing our products to ensure they are of the highest possible standard, so that they can be enjoyed for a lifetime. That said, some love and attention should be taken to ensure be best care for your Signature knives.

What is stainless steel?
All Robert Welch knives are made from finest quality stainless steel. Our stainless steel knives are hardened to ensure blades have an optimal cutting edge. The term “stainless” really means “stain resistant” so there are some things you will need to do to protect your knives.

Hand washing is recommended!

 Whilst all Robert Welch Signature knives are dishwasher safe, for best results hand washing is recommended. To keep your Signature knives in prime condition, please ensure the following product care instructions are adhered to.

  • Following use, rinse knives as soon as possible, ensuring all traces of food are removed.
  • Gently wash in warm, soapy water using a soft dishcloth.
  • Soaking of Signature knives is not recommended.
  • Dry knives immediately after washing and individually, ensuring thoroughly dried.
  • Apply a non-abrasive metal polish for best results.

If you choose to clean your knives in the dishwasher please ensure you follow the instructions below:

  • Rinse your Signature knives, removing all traces of food prior to placing into the dishwasher.
  • Avoid washing your Signature knives with any non-stainless steel metals, such as silver, to keep them in optimum condition and avoid staining.
  • Use dishwasher settings as per the manufacturers’ guidelines according to water hardness in your area.
  • Maintain adequate levels of both rinse aid and salt (if required) in your dishwasher.
  •   For best results, use detergents that are are free from chlorides and citrus additives.
  • Use standard dishwasher programs rather than “rinse and hold” programs when washing your Signature knives.
  • To maintain the colour of Signature knife handles, regularly apply olive oil, ensuring any excess is removed prior to use.