When selecting cutlery, you want to look for a collection that will stand the test of time and bring as much style and elegance to your table in 50 years as it does today. Cutlery should be considered as an investment in both quality and beauty.

Robert Welch’s iconic designs from the last century look as stylish now as when they were first made. We are committed to the creation of collections that will last a lifetime. Simply timeless design that you will want to hand down to future generations to enjoy as much as you did.

Radford is an evolution of ‘Premier’, a pattern which was first designed in 1984 by Robert Radford Welch. It is a modern take on the shape and weight of the Georgian cutlery that was its original inspiration.

In the 1970s, the workshop staff often received requests for handmade replacement knives. Replacing the original ivory handles and carbon steel blades with all silver handles and stainless steel blades to ensure a close and sympathetic match with customers’ existing Georgian cutlery pieces.

In the 1970s there was an increasing frequency of replacement knives as most were made form ivory handles with carbon steel blades. Due to this, the design of a new pattern, Premier, was developed. Premier was produced in Sheffield as was available in silver plate, solid silver and stainless steel.

In 2003, Radford was introduced in memory of Robert (taking his middle name). A restyled, renamed and relaunched version of Premier which remains a classic English design today. Owing its origins to the contours, balance and timeless appeal of traditional 18th century cutlery, Radford is ingrained with heritage.

Considered to be “perfection in the hand”, with an extensive selection of more than 70 pieces, Radford cutlery is the most popular range in Australia. As result of being the perfect embodiment of the modern classic.